Esteem Jewellery

Esteem Jewellery

Esteem is dedicated to producing the highest quality fashion jewellery on the market. Experience esteem at home, the office, wherever.. From chic designer pieces and the latest fashion accessories to timeless classics, esteem has jewellery to suit everyone, every outfit, every occasion.

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7 Reviews to “Esteem Jewellery”

  1. cristy says:

    Hi just wanting to join esteem.


  2. marlene says:

    hi guys i went to 1 of ur parties i finally got my braclett and guess what its to small i dont think i would eva go to another party agin as its alot of mony and takes ages to get what u paied for

  3. Amanda says:

    I had a lot of fun trying on all the jewellery with my friends at a party a few weeks ago, only problem was, I couldn’t decide what to buy so I’m having my party next week to take advantage of the host rewards.
    A good excuse to catch up with my girlfriends and buy myself a little pre-Christmas bling!

  4. Paula McGowan says:

    Don’t hold your breath for the hostess rewards, still waiting for my ONE reward after my friends bought over a $1000 worth of jewellery. And rep tried to tell me they had spent a lesser amount as well. Shame as jewellery is good!

  5. Sandra Smith says:

    I purchased two chains and one bracelot from an Esteem party and after a few months they went black and I could not clean them. Told Esteem representative and she contacted them and asked for them to be exchanged. The company refused to do this so I am now stuck with two chains and a bracelot that I paid good money for and cannot wear. DO NOT BUY ESTEEM JEWELLERY they do not honour their products.

  6. debbie khan says:

    i have to agree with marlene i was promised my delivery 7 days and i am still waiting! very disappointing

  7. Lorraine Sambell says:

    Just wanting to know is there a consultant in Mount Isa Qld and what you need to become one?

    Kind Regards

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